Las Colinas Year Round Walking Event

View of the Las Colinas Canals

Fountain in the courtyard of Mandalay Tower

Artistic seating near the fountain .

Another bench near the fountain.

Smith Landing Clock Tower

Another fountain. Water turned off.

Little Free Library in the courtyard of the Mandalay Towers

I thought it was oil floating on the water!

Lion fountain at Grand Treviso condominiums.

Ben H. Carpenter - Founder of Las Colinas

One of five marble cows on Bluebonnet Hill.

Plaque commemorates the pioneers who came through in the 1800's on their way to California.

View of Campion Trail

Ed and Carol posing with the Lions

Two of the nine mustangs of Las Colinas

Walk Start/Finish is the Marriott Hotel. We're almost back to our car.