Keller Year Round Event

Registration was in the Starbucks.

Armed with a cup of hot coffee we hit the trail.

The walk was mostly on the hike/bike trail along Bear Creek. Creek was enlarged into a lake in several places.

Flood control?

There is art along the hike/bike trail. This one is entitled Comet Dancing and Kevin Robb is the artist.

These bears are entitled Something in the Air and Sandra Van Zandt is the artist.

This piece is entitled On Alert and Sandra Van Zandt is the artist for this one also.

Carol, Kerwin and Ed on the trail.

A view of well manicured area along Bear Creek.

We arrived at a playground and stopped to try out their musical instruments.

This piece is called Remember to Play and Janice Hart Melito is the artist.

Statue of Liberty by Eric LaPointe

Neuschwanstein Castle by Eric LaPointe

Bear Creek is more natural looking along this section of trail.

St. Basil's Cathedral by Eric LaPointe

The Sphinx by Eric LaPointe

Just a view of the paved trail through a wooded section.

Rotary Club Little Lending Library at Keller Smithfield Activity Node.

Cute acorn nut seating near the playground.

Nice lamp posts along Bear Creek Parkway.

One final piece of art - Flying Heron by Darrell Davis.

Keller's Town Hall

Fountain in front of Town Hall.